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FPRE has been involved with sustainability in the real estate sector since 2006 (EFICAS study, commissioned by Pensimo, together with Ecoplan). In 2008, FPRE contributed to the development of a holistic sustainability system for new construction projects (EFICAS II, commissioned by Pensimo, together with Viridén + Partner). In addition, FPRE acts as an auditor for the Swiss Sustainable Real Estate Index (SSREI), is a system operator and user of REMMS of the Association for Real Estate Meta-Rating and Monitoring on Sustainability and carries out the PACTA Climate Test 2024 for the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).


Organization / Framework

We support real estate players in answering questions at organizational level and in implementing their ESG and sustainability projects.

  • Positioning
  • Strategy development
  • Monitoring/labeling
  • Reporting
  • Support with the provision of data


Our support ranges from the initial assessment to the compilation and structuring of data and reporting. We assist you in applying common sustainability assessment and benchmarking systems (including GRESB, REIDA CO2-Benchmark, REMMS, SSREI). Additionally, we help you identify action areas and develop strategies in the field of sustainability.

  • Strategy development
  • Identification of the fields of action
  • Provision of data
  • Reporting
  • Support with benchmarking


We support you in the holistic assessment of sustainability at the property level, both for existing properties and projects. Furthermore, we assist you in identifying risks and action areas («green Capex» or project optimization).

  • Evaluation
  • Consulting
  • Do-it-yourself with IMBAS

Recommended for

Institutional investors

We support you in strategic portfolio management in the area of sustainability with expert knowledge and evidence-based data and models.

Real estate owners

We are available to help you define a suitable real estate strategy that takes sustainability into account.

Governmental authorities

FPRE develops studies on sustainability and spatial planning in order to support the public sector in implementing its objectives.


We are available for the sustainability analysis of mortgage portfolios or for a comprehensive valuation mandate.



Arno Curschellas

+41 44 466 70 31

Mattia Farei-Campagna

+41 44 466 70 06


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