Neighbourhood analysis

Use smartly refined geodata for analysis and assessment of micro-locations. The neighbourhood analysis allows you to create comprehensive maps and spatial analyses.
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Real estate ads on address level


Find out which objects are currently on offer in the surrounding area. Analyze the average offer prices in your observation perimeter.


Smart Data

The Neighbourhood analysis offers you a variety of geodata layers for the analysis of small-scale structures. The data is refined by FPRE and presented in a manner that allows the most precise and efficient analysis possible.

  • Topography
  • Building zones and construction requests
  • Retail and service provider
  • Traffic
  • Noise maps
  • And many more...
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Small-scale demand


Analyse the demand structure in the vicinity of a location.

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Pedestrian frequency

Find out how many people on average pass by an address. Our internally created frequency model provides a robust estimate and can be displayed as a layer.


Neighbourhood analysis for


Analyze ads in the area and use additional map extracts for your exposés.


Assess the quality of the micro-location and use numerous layers and dynamic analyses.


The analysis of small-scale demand data helps you with the positioning of project developments.

Institutional investors

Analyze the micro-location of portfolio properties and planned acquisition objects.


The neighbourhood analysis helps you to graphically display complex micro-location factors.


Use the neighbourhood analysis to assess the micro-location and to enrich the valuation report.

Governmental authorities

Monitor the spatial dynamics and create map-based reports at the micro-location level.

Real estate owners

Small-scale and standardised analyses of the environment for your evidence-based real estate decisions.

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Test the neighbourhood analysis?

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