Immobilien-Almanach Switzerland (2012-2023)

Until Christmas 2022, the reference work «Immobilien-Almanach Schweiz» was published annually. In 2023, this publication will be replaced by the quarterly series «FPREview».
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The book about the market

After many years of providing valuable information and insights, we have decided to discontinue the «Immobilien-Almanach Schweiz» in 2023. From the end of 2023, FPRE will offer you analyses, assessments and forecasts digitally and in a more compact form in the quarterly series «FPREview». The archive of all Real Estate Almanac issues and key topics can be found below.



The real estate market at a glance

In addition to the current assessment of the market, you will also find medium and long-term forecasts.

  • General conditions
  • Private properties
  • Rental and transaction markets
  • Risks and alternative scenarios
  • Market indices investment properties
  • Regional development of the real estate markets
  • And much more...
Preis- und Dateienliste
Preis- und Dateienliste