Do it yourself! Use the real estate analysis and valuation system IMBAS for evidence-based and data-driven real estate decisions. Create well-founded location analyses, valuations, and portfolio analyses.

Modular structure

IMBAS allows you to create location analyses, valuations and portfolio analyses for all localities and city districts in Switzerland. IMBAS has a modular structure and can be licensed flexibly and tailor-made. Modules are available at all levels of real estate analysis and valuation.

  • Market situation
  • Macro-location
  • Micro-location
  • Valuation models
  • Portfolio analysis
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Locality- and city district-level location data and ratings. Use regional market intelligence for location assessments, investment decisions and market analyses.

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Big Data for small-scale analyses. Analyse the neighbourhood of a property with data on sun exposure, view, image, construction activity, ads, traffic, noise and much more.


Valuation models

Valuate real estate with hedonic models or the DCF method. In addition, real value and earning capacity models are also available. IMBAS supports you with market-oriented model suggestions.

  • Hedonic method
  • DCF-method
  • Earning capacity methods
  • Real values
  • Model suggestions
  • Guided processes
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Valuation reports


Generate comprehensive reports of your valuations. All at the touch of a button and enriched with comprehensive market data. All reports can be tailored to your CI specifications.


Portfolio analysis

Analyze your real estate portfolio and export comprehensive portfolio analyses enriched with market data.

  • Location ratings
  • Object ratings
  • Aggregated cash flows
  • Regional valuations
  • Automatic market data
  • Export to Excel



Use hedonic models to efficiently determine market values. Impress your customers with comprehensive analyses and reports.


IMBAS supports you in your mortgage business and risk management with independent location data, ratings and valuation models.


Valuate locations efficiently based on data. Review your utilization concepts and verify your valuation of land values.

Institutional investors

Check investment potentials with independent ratings and location data. IMBAS offers you market intelligence for real estate decisions.


Use market intelligence at the push of a button and impress your customers with comprehensive analyses and transparent data.


Create well-founded and professional valuation reports. IMBAS supports you with up-to-date and evidence-based model parameters.

Governmental authorities

Optimize your administrative processes with current market data and monitor your opportunities and risks.

Real estate owners

Keep an overview of your portfolio and make data-supported real estate decisions.

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IMBAS has a modular structure and can be licensed flexibly. Everything is possible, from a small single module license to a comprehensive flat-rate license.


Licenses on single invoice from 150.-
Annual flat-rate licences from 750.-


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Made in Switzerland


IMBAS is developed fully in Switzerland. The hosting and storage of user data is done in Switzerland.

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Would you like to test IMBAS for free?

Contact us and test IMBAS for free. We will be happy to advise you on the possible uses in your company.