FPRE for appraisers

Create well-founded and professional valuation reports and rely on comprehensive market intelligence. IMBAS supports you with guided processes and market-oriented model proposals.

Efficient and well-founded valuations

FPRE’s tools enable a data-based and digital valuation process.

  • Automated macro and micro texts
  • Hedonic models
  • Income and asset values
  • Evidence-based model proposals
  • Guided processes
  • Reliable market values
  • Comprehensive expertise

Recommended for appraisers


Create well-founded and professional valuation reports. IMBAS supports you with up-to-date and evidence-based model parameters.

Valuation models for private properties

The core of the valuation models are hedonic models for condominiums and single family houses.

Valuation model for investment properties

Industrialize your valuation process and create high quality and customized reports.

Neighbourhood analysis

Use the neighbourhood analysis to assess micro-location and to complement the valuation report.

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