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We are a private consulting and research company with its headquarter in Zurich and offices in Bern and Frankfurt am Main. FPRE is owned by the managing partners and completely independent. Currently, FPRE employs about 25 people from the fields of economics, econometrics, architecture, spatial planning, statistics and computer science.

Proximity to research

FPRE offers evidence- and science-based services and tools for professionals in the real estate market. Since the foundation of our company we have been conducting self-financed research and development. The partners and owners of FPRE are engaged as university lecturers and accompany student works and dissertations in the fields of sociodemography, regional and real estate economics.
Current research project

Transparency & governance

Our services and and tools are used by real estate professionals for far-reaching decisions. This makes it all the more important that the methods and data used are as comprehensible as possible. FPRE has been publishing in scientific journals about self-developed models for many years and published the IOSCO-Letter of Compliance for the first time in 2018. Our core models are regularly reviewed by independent professors and, with the IMBAS Advisory Board, we have a broad academic conscience.
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Digital Leadership

Market data and tools are most effective in digital value chains. FPRE provides market data, valuation models and benchmarks via standardized interfaces (API) and thus enables seemless integration into digital processes. Ratings, benchmarks and automated valuations are thus made available for the analysis and valuation of entire mortgage or investment portfolios in no time.
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Martin Bühler

Architect and Real Estate Valuer
MSc ETH / Arch. SIA

+41 44 466 70 05 mb@fpre.ch Resume
Arno Curschellas

Civil Engineer and Real Estate Economist
Dipl. Bauing. FH / MAS REM

+41 44 466 70 31 acu@fpre.ch Resume
Magnus Danneck
CEO Germany

Real estate and communication expert
Degree in Business Administration

+49 69 2475 689 250 magnus.danneck@fahrlaenderpartner.de Resume
Maria Dieterle

Dr. oec. HSG

+41 43 544 99 03 mdi@fpre.ch Resume
Marta Dittes
Real Estate Valuer

Architect and Real Estate Economist
Dipl. Ing. Arch. / MAS UZH REM

+41 44 466 70 09 md@fpre.ch Resume
Denise Dubacher
Real Estate Valuer

Real Estate Economist and Hotel expert

+41 44 466 70 02 ddu@fpre.ch Resume
Stefan Fahrländer
Partner & COB

Economist and Econometrician
Dr. rer. oec.

+41 44 466 70 08 sf@fpre.ch Resume
Mattia Farei-Campagna
Consultant & Analyst

Economist and Real Estate Economist
MA UZH Economics

+41 44 466 70 06 mfc@fpre.ch Resume
Dani Isenegger
Data Analyst

Geoinformatics and GIS specialist

+41 44 466 70 37 dis@fpre.ch Resume
Saira Karlen

Student of Economics
BSc Economics

+41 44 466 70 00 ska@fpre.ch Resume
Manuel Lehner
Partner & BD

Urban Planner
MSc ETH / dipl. Ing. FH

+41 44 466 70 30 ml@fpre.ch Resume
Sven Mathis
Real Estate Valuer

Civil Engineer and Real Estate Economist
BSc ETH Bau-Ing. / MAS REM

+41 44 466 70 36 sma@fpre.ch Resume
Dominik Matter
Partner & BD

Economist and Econometrician
lic. oec. publ.

+41 44 466 70 07 dm@fpre.ch Resume
Esma Pepi
Office Manager

+41 44 466 70 00 epe@fpre.ch Resume
Rainer Marti
Managing Partner

Urban Planner

+41 44 466 70 34 rma@fpre.ch Resume
Mirjana Pepic
Office Manager & EM

+41 44 466 70 35 mp@fpre.ch Resume
Veronika Pichler

Civil Engineer and Real Estate Economist
Dr. sc. ETH

+41 43 544 99 04 vpi@fpre.ch Resume
Benito Rutishauser


+41 44 466 70 38 bru@fpre.ch Resume
Anders Schatzmann
Data Analyst

Statistician and GIS specialist

+41 43 544 99 02 asc@fpre.ch Resume
Jaron Schlesinger
Partner & EM

Economist and Econometrician
MA UZH Economics / DAS ETH

+41 44 466 70 04 js@fpre.ch Resume
Raphael Schönbächler
Partner & EM

Economist and Real Estate Economist
lic. oec. publ. UZH

+41 44 466 70 03 rs@fpre.ch Resume
Tülay Siegrist
Office Manager

+41 44 446 70 00 tsi@fpre.ch Resume
Christoph Vonwiller
Consultant & Analyst

MSc Economics

+41 44 466 70 01 cvo@fpre.ch Resume
Anna Zimmermann

Economist and Statistician
MA UZH Economics

+41 43 544 99 01 azi@fpre.ch Resume
Pascal Züger

MA UZH Economics

+41 44 466 70 33 pzu@fpre.ch Resume
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Jobs at FPRE

We are looking for a real estate economist and data analyst (80 – 100%, permanent position)

We also accept unsolicited applications.

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