Construction Cost Service FPRE/PBK Switzerland

The FPRE/PBK construction cost service Switzerland is a tool for calculating construction costs in early project phases of project development in accordance with the eBKP-H norm. The model is built based on construction cost statistics and project billings. Key project characteristics are directly linked to costs to enable accurate construction cost forecasts.

Determining construction costs

Early-Stage Construction cost planning is crucial for the economic success of construction projects. The assessments that make up the foundation of construction cost planning in the early phases of project development are based only on limited information. Up until now, such forecasts have typically been subject to considerable inaccuracies of more than 30%.

The «FPRE/PBK Construction Cost Service Switzerland» counters these deficits in construction cost planning by quantifying the mode of action of relevant cost influencing factors and building on this, providing simple cost models for early forecasts with the help of standard characteristic values. The cost models are based on the main element group levels according to eBKP-H.

The cost parameters are based on the analysis of the data provided by PBK AG, FPRE, CRB, and B+P Baurealisation AG. The project-specific influencing factors were analyzed in order to be able to determine characteristic cost parameters for each cost group. Amongst others, the following user data are considered for the formation of the respective suggested values: Location, energy standard, the proportion of opening area of the exterior wall above ground, type of exterior wall cladding, the complexity of the supporting structure, standard of the finishing, the standard of the technical installations, the standard of the surroundings, the effort of the specialist planners and cost risks.

  • Project partner: PBK AG
  • Data partner: b+p baurealisation ag
  • Data basis: Project accounts
  • Standard: eBKP-H
  • Early project phases of project development

Methodical Approach


The methodical approach of the Construction Cost Service FPRE/PBK AG Switzerland is described in detail in the following method description.

Method description (in German)


Construction Cost Service FPRE/PBK Switzerland for...


Calculate construction costs in the early project phase.


Institutional investors

Use the construction cost model to check the plausibility of construction costs in pre-acquisition valuations of land or project transactions.


Convince your clients with transparently derived construction cost estimates according to eBKP-H.

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