Real Estate Scenario Cockpit (RESC)

The tool is used for scenario-based assessment of today's «market temperature» and future trends as well as for modeling cyclical effects based on user-defined scenarios.
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Scenario-based market value forecasts


Define economic scenarios or use the baseline scenarios compiled by FPRE. «RESC» allows you to forecast regional market values of various real estate sectors. Starting from the current «market temperature», both long-term trends and cyclically induced fluctuations are modeled.


Fields of application

Use the Real Estate Scenario Cockpit in areas where medium and long-term performance is relevant.

  • Stress testing for mortgage portfolios
  • Investment strategies
  • Opportunity monitoring
  • Risk monitoring
  • Regional market analyses

RESC for


Use RESC for data-supported stress testing of your mortgage portfolio.

Institutional investors

Build your real estate strategy based on regional market value forecasts.

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