Statistical studies

We do research on behalf of private customers and for the public sector and have expertise in the latest methods of statistical data analysis and the processing of large amounts of data.

Methodical competence for your issues

Take advantage of our competence and experience in statistical modeling. We develop tailor-made models and write scientific studies for our customers.

  • Regression analysis
  • Spatial statistics
  • Geodata analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Variance analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Explorative statistics
  • Cluster analysis
  • Data mining

Recommended for

Governmental authorities

We develop tailor-made models and write scientific studies.


We offer tailor-made research to address specific issues.


For the development of statistical models the experts of FPRE are competent contact persons.

Institutional investors

Are you interested in a specific issue regarding spatial development? We are happy to provide you answers using statistical data analysis and data mining.



Stefan Fahrländer

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Jaron Schlesinger

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