Competitions and test planning

For competitions and test planning, we advise you as members of project teams or juries on economic and socio-demographic issues and assess projects with regard to their positioning and marketability. If desired, we take over the organization and moderation of workshops.


Our service portfolio covers a wide range. We participate as experts in project teams or juries, carry out project audits on behalf of clients or accompany you as consultants and organizers.

  • Participation in project teams
  • Participation in juries
  • Project review
  • Organization of workshops
  • Moderation of workshops
  • Building-owner support

Recommended for

Governmental authorities

FPRE offers you expertise in urban development and planning projects with an economic and sociodemographic focus.


We support you with our expertise in real estate economics, sociodemographics, planning and regional economics.

Real estate owners

Let us check your projects with regard to positioning and marketability. We would also be pleased to accompany you from strategic planning to project realization.



Martin Bühler

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Mattia Farei-Campagna

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