Legal opinions

Our experts are commissioned by courts, but also within the scope of mediation proceedings, to prepare expert opinions with solution approaches to real estate economic issues.

Activity as court experts

Our court experts prepare reports on real estate economic issues for courts.

  • Great experience
  • Data- and model-based expert opinions
  • Professional handling
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Valuation of servitudes


Servitudes under public and private law can restrict the usability and tradability of a property and thus reduce its value. In complex cases or where the legal situation is unclear, we prepare expert opinions on real estate economic issues for private individuals and authorities.


Mediation process

In order to attain fair and appropriate solutions to real estate economic problems, we advise the affected parties based on facts and data, independently and transparently. We accompany the corresponding mediation procedures.

  • Procedural competence
  • Objectivity and neutrality
  • Solution orientation

Recommended for


We prepare real estate economic reports for project participants, also within complex ownership structures.

Governmental authorities

Through data-based and neutral reports, we create transparency and acceptance for you towards private real estate owners.



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