Land and project valuation

We offer you a comprehensive range of services for your real estate project. We valuate properties and projects, prepare well-founded analyses and feasibility studies.

Land valuations

For project developers and investors we prepare land valuations using the dynamic residual-value method, whereby the valuations are based on a fictitious project. If required, other methods such as the location-class method can also be applied. Land values can also be checked for plausibility using modelled building land values indicated in the FPRE communal check.

  • Dynamic residual method
  • Reference project
  • Land value model
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Project valuations

Would you like to subject a preliminary study, a preliminary project or a construction project to an economic examination? We determine the market values and estimate income, revenues, construction, restoration and operating costs, project-specific discount rates and make proposals for the timing of the project development.


Risk module

Our risk module enables a transparent and methodologically sound presentation and valuation of project risks as well as opportunities at various levels of detail and arbitrary valuation dates.

  • Risk management
  • Risk factors
  • Risk-based project valuation

Cost estimates

Our data-based construction cost model allows an indicative estimation of construction costs as well as operating and restoration costs for different types of use.

  • Production costs according to BKP
  • Production costs according to eBKP-H
  • Operating costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Restoration costs

Feasibility studies

As an interdisciplinary team, we support you in strategic planning as well as with preliminary studies when acquiring and marketing plots of land. We deliver customized location and market analyses, real estate strategies, volumetric studies and urban development sketches.

  • Location and market analysis
  • Real estate strategies in line with the market
  • Urban planning sketches

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We valuate properties and projects, prepare well-founded analyses and feasibility studies.

Institutional investors

We provide efficient and well-founded valuation and assessment of your project dossier.


We assist you in your consultations by means of scenario-based land value determination or in the form of feasibility studies.

Governmental authorities

As a basis for decision-making in your development projects, we carry out valuations, cost estimates or feasibility studies for you.



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