Value-added calculations

We prepare value-added assessments for complex properties and model planning-related value-added at various spatial levels. We support authorities and landowners in a solution-oriented manner with second opinions on existing appraisals and assist you with questions regarding appreciation tax.
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Added value calculation


Since the implementation of the revised Spatial Planning Act (RPG) on 1 May 2014, it has been necessary to compensate for planning-related value-added throughout Switzerland. We determine the value-added for complex properties for communal authorities and landowners – usually through cooperative processes.


Second opinions

Are you in possession of a value-added calculation and have questions about the valuation assumptions made therein? We would be pleased to assess existing appraisals in the sense of a second opinion.

  • Method check
  • Ensuring valuation assumptions in line with the market
  • Synthesis Proposals
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Communal and cantonal value added assessments


The value-added tax can have a significant impact on the public budget. Municipalities and cantons therefore have an interest in estimating the scope and timing of value-added levies at an early stage.

For this purpose, we prepare projections based on extensive data and our own models to illustrate the level of value-added taxes for different spatial planning and economic scenarios.


Consulting and lectures

Are you preparing regulations for a value-added tax or do you have questions regarding the determination of planning-related value-added? We would be happy to advise you. We conduct training courses on the subject of value-added tax assessment, teach at universities and act as lecturers at specialist conferences.

  • Extensive practical knowledge
  • Information events for clients
  • Engagement in research and teaching

Value-compensation models

When developing larger sites, existing ownership structures often change. The extent and type of use might also be distributed unevenly over an area. This leads to different changes in value for the individual/all landowners. In order to balance out differences in value and to quantify the corresponding compensation payments, we develop comprehensible models for value equalization between landowners and thus make an important contribution to the successful development of sites.

  • Procedural transparency
  • Data-based models
  • Procedural support

Recommended for


In order to guarantee planning reliability, we develop well-founded value-added assessments for you in the form of initial or second opinions.

Real estate owners

We advise you on questions of value-added and value compensation among property owners.

Institutional investors

With an early determination of the planning-related value-added tax, we ensure cost transparency for your acquisitions.

Governmental authorities

We prepare value-added assessments for complex properties and assist you in answering questions about the appreciation tax.



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