Special assessments require appropriate expertise. Our experts have broad experience in the analysis and valuation of corporate real estate, infrastructure buildings, building lease agreements as well as the determination of historical values.

Owner-operated facilities

We have extensive experience in the analysis and valuation of hotels, retirement and nursing homes, sports and event stadiums, port facilities and churches. We are also happy to support you in the analysis and evaluation of concepts with operator models such as «Co-Working» or «Business Apartments».

  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Methodological competence
  • Analysis of market and product studies
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Land lease analyses and valuations


Are you considering to let a property under land lease? Is an extension of a building lease at market conditions pending? How should building lease interest, indexation, duration and reversion be regulated? We would be happy to advise you on these questions and to prepare reports using our building lease module.


Infrastructure constructions

Our experts have many years of experience in the valuation of hydropower plants, transport facilities and other infrastructure buildings. We teach at universities and also work in various committees on the development of valuation methods.

  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Methodological competence
  • Structural engineering expertise
  • Operational expertise
  • Teaching activity
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Historical values


To assess historical values of residential property, investment properties and land, as required for the assessment of property gains tax or in the case of divisions under inheritance law, we have long time series with rental and transaction data at regional and national level.


Tax aspects of real estate

The purchase, operation and sale of real estate is subject to taxes. Our experts have extensive experience in analyzing and assessing the relevant aspects, including the valuation of real estate, value-added or real estate profit taxes.

  • Data-based derivation of historical values
  • Voluntary tax liability
  • Indicative or detailed individual reports
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Financial planning


Real estate valuations are often subject to a regulatory framework (IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER etc.). We support you in the proper valuation and in the integration of real estate values into your financial planning.


Recommended for


Within the scope of site development, we valuate special real estate or infrastructure buildings and assess land leases.

Real estate owners

We advise on and prepare valuations for the purchase, operation and sale of a property and determine historical values.

Institutional investors

We also valuate special and operator-oriented real estate for you and, if required, provide the interface to your financial planning.

Governmental authorities

We support you with appropriate expert reports for infrastructure buildings or in the case of the granting of land leases.



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