Real estate strategy

We support investors in developing their real estate strategy. In doing so, we identify promising target regions, assess the opportunities and risks of the regional user markets, and point out earnings and utilization potentials.

Strategic issues

We support you in the following strategic real estate issues.

  • Opportunities and risks of regional investment markets
  • Identification of target regions
  • Cyclical stress tests
  • Object strategies
  • Long-term cash flow planning
  • Investment planning
  • Benchmark comparisons
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Cyclical stress tests

Would you like to have your real estate or your market region subjected to an economic stress test? The modeling of economic scenarios in the Real Estate Scenario Cockpit (RESC) enables the analysis of cyclical adjustment processes. On a regional level, we model cyclical effects based on user-defined scenarios for different types of use (privately owned apartment, single family home, rental apartment, apartment building, office, sales).


Object and area strategies

We carry out real estate analyses for you and evaluate property strategies.

  • Absorption risks
  • Concepts of use
  • Usage scenarios
  • Income / Revenue
  • Costs
  • Discount rates
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Target markets and target regions


Are you looking for an assessment of current or future expected location qualities to evaluate target markets? With our macro-location ratings, we reduce the amount of data to a few but precise key figures that allow you to compare locations and thus facilitate your investment decisions.


Recommended for

Institutional investors

We support you in strategic portfolio management with expert knowledge and evidence based data and models.

Real estate owners

Assistance in determining the appropriate real estate strategy, long-term cash flow planning, detailed property analyses and much more.

Governmental authorities

FPRE carries out economic stress tests for you and assesses the quality of locations. In addition, we help with other strategic real estate issues.



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