Socio-demographic analysis

The consideration of demographic developments is a central element in the sustainable planning of neighborhoods, cities or entire regions. The basis for this is our data-based household segmentation and prospective analyses of population development.


We support you with a broad service portfolio in the field of sociodemography.

  • Demographic analysis
  • Incidence analysis
  • Housing strategies
  • Location assessments
  • Demographic forecasts
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Demand segmentation studies


Based on the three dimensions “social class”, “lifestyle” and “phase of life” as well as a range of additional socio-demographic information such as income, living environment, etc., all Swiss households are classified into different demand segments. The well-documented demand segments are an important tool for the analysis of locations as well as for the conception and marketing of housing.


Incidence analysis

For communities, we analyze and model the effects of major projects and make estimates of future sociodemographics, tax revenues and infrastructure needs. For project developers and third parties, we use our models (e.g. retail trade model, frequency model) to analyze evolving usage patterns within a neighborhood or community.

  • Sociodemography
  • Tax revenue
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Usage pattern
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Modeling of demand trends

Our prospective model analyses the long-term demand for residential and commercial space at the community level. On the one hand, a differentiation is made according to use (condominium, single family house and rented apartment) and sector, on the other hand according to different qualities of floor space such as size or construction standard. In addition to several demand-side scenarios, different spatial planning scenarios are modeled. The prospective model thus allows analysis of small-scale demand trends in quantitative and qualitative terms up to the year 2040. Models are available for residential and business use.


Recommended for

Institutional investors

The socio-demographic analysis is an important instrument for assessing locational quality as well as for the conception of apartments.


Our data-based studies and forecasts offer you analysis of demand trends up to the year 2040.

Governmental authorities

We model the effects of major projects and estimate future tax revenues and infrastructure requirements.


Thanks to FPRE’s forecasts and sociodemographic analyses, you can show future demand trends to your costumers.



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